Total Drama Ridonculous Race

Girls Groups

Of the 18 pairs, 5 are girls groups - girls power! Kelly and Taylor: Mum and Daughter, Kitty and Emma: Sisters, Macarthur and Sanders: Police Cadets, Ellody and Mary: The Genuises, Laurie and Miles: Vegans.

Men Groups

7 male groups mixing it up at the races! Own and Noah: Reality TV pros, Geoff and Bro: Surfer Dudes, Dwayne and Junior: Father and Son, Rock and Spud: Rockers, Chet and Lorenzo: Stepbrothers, Mickey and Jay: Adversity Twins, Gerry and Pete: Tennis Rivals. 

Mixed Groups

Mixed group power – to the power of 6 to be exact. Devin and Carrie: Best Friends, Stephanie and Ryan: Daters, Leonard and Tammy: The Larpers, Tom and Jen: Fashion Bloggers, Jacques and Rosee: Ice Skaters, Ennui and Crimson: Goths.


Don’s as smooth as freshly spread butter on a warm loaf of bread and always the consummate host. He’s used to getting by on his good looks and stylish clothes but to be fair, he’s awfully good looking and those really are some stylish clothes!

Total Drama Ridonculous Race

18 teams are put to the mental, physical and emotional test in a frantic race around the world. Each new race is an adventure in a new country where all teams face big challenges as they race to the finish line! Will all be able to push themselves to the limit? What team will be the winner? Who will win the one million dollars?

Toon Cup 2018