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Grizzly Bear

Grizzly is the oldest of the brothers. Although he is charismatic, jovial and a highly motivated leader, Grizz is not the brightest bear in the bunch. He may have eaten paint chips as a cub, nobody's quite sure. But what he lacks in common sense he makes up for with pure energy and excitement.

Panda Bear

Panda is the middle child and very opposite from his brothers. Where they love to dance, Panda stands against the wall. Where they love to eat meat, Panda is a vegetarian. Panda is a willing participant in most of Grizzly’s ideas, even if he is slightly smarter.

Ice Bear

The youngest in a family of three brothers, Ice can often be found lingering in the back, not saying a word. But although he may be a bear of few words, do not underestimate him. Skilled in many unknown talents, Ice is a hidden savant and handles all the dirty work of the bears.

We Bare Bears

Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear are three brothers trying to fit in and make friends... which can be kind of hard to do when you are a bear. Grizzly is the oldest bear, and leads his brothers with bounds of optimism... which only turn out disastrous some of the time. Panda, the middle child, is a hopeless romantic. Ice Bear is the youngest brother with a wild card personality.